Local Training Course

On 12.3.2016 We are organising our LTC – a meeting to discuss about AEGEE and the lots of opportunities AEGEE offers.

These are the topics we will discuss:
– Introduction of AEGEE-Wien
– AEGEE Identiy
– AEGEE History
– AEGEE Structure
– Summer University

After introducing AEGEE we are inviting you to our “European Night for Beginners and Oldies”. The European Night is an evening you find in every AEGEE event. The rule is simple: bring some food and drinks from your country of origin (if you prefer to present another country, please feel free to do so! – we don’t need 10 persons presenting Austrian food 😉 ) and come share it with everyone! You can also bring some traditional decorations or music if you’re feeling extra generous! We are looking forward to share this exciting cultural night with you all!

FREE EVENT (but don’t forget to bring something!)
More details on facebook.