SU Returners Evening & International Potluck Dinner

Come along to our SU Returners Evening & first Potluck Dinner Night on 20.10.2016!

If you’re already tired of the usually tough start of the semester, take a break with a pleasant company, listen to the stories of our members who travelled to places all over Europe during the summer and satisfy your hunger with delicious meals prepared by you and everyone else who comes along.

We encourage everyone to bring something that they cooked. If you bring food, you will be able to try both yours and others meals. Otherwise, if you really don’t want to cook, don’t have the time or possibility, just bring some snacks or sweets! 🙂 Drinks will be provided by AEGEE-Wien!

More details here.

PS: To everyone who has been participant or organiser of a summer university: Please bring some pictures or videos & tell us about your adventures (for about 5 min)!